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Welcome to the Request Page
to send me a request simply post a comment on this post the is also a few rules:
1)Please no Incest
2)Image's are appreciated but not Required
3)Give me detail on the kind of body if you don't have a pic and I'll try my best to find a suitable Image
4)if you have a series Idea pics would be very helpful in making your request
thanks for checking out the request page:)


  1. Hi i have been a long fan of your caps, can you write a caption about a teenager named tom swapping bodies with his older cousin because of the great shift, when it happend she was about to take a shower after her gym class, tom still a bit disorientated could not belive what he was seeing, the two breast were on his chest that was blocking his view, he just had to take a peek under her shirt to see that they were real, still not convince he yanked the bra down and saw his cousins naked breast, although she was hot he didnt really want to see her tits, let alone touch them

  2. Could you please make series of captions which will be a story after groom-to-be swap bodies with the stripper in his bacherlor party?

  3. hi, i would love if you could do a second part of the giu hellsing body swap

  4. Could you do a caption about a brother using a spell to body swap with his younger sister friend to sneak into her slumber party to get some dirt on her but instead have to do makeover and talk about boys and later finds out it’s a one way spell

  5. Can you sequel to dog days. I am interested to see how things turned out for Ben.

  6. Yo, could you make a sequel to switcher sister, i really want to know what happened to kevin after being stuck in the old woman body, thanks

  7. Could you do a caption were a younger sister who steals her brother body and the sister is in a juvenile detention center for 5 years